Viral RNA Extraction kit

Viral nucleic acid extraction is a critical step in infectious disease detection and research. Nucleic-acid based detection of viral pathogens requires the extraction of RNA (nucleic acids). We offer Viral RNA Extraction kits for nucleic acid extraction that works with nano magnetic beads.


Nucleic acid extraction products purify RNA from samples. During RNA extraction, samples all progress though a common set of steps involving cell lysis, clearing, inactivation of nucleases, nucleic acid binding, washing and elution.

Isolating viral nucleic acid from blood or serum is the first step in detection and analysis for microbiology or virology research. Methods for extracting viral DNA or RNA need to purify across a range of virus titers and provide high sensitivity for downstream applications. Quality of the extracted nucleic acids is important, as impurities or inhibitors in the purified sample can affect the success of downstream applications such as qPCR and qRT-PCR.




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