Production of the most important part of biomolecule extraction kits in the country

Production of the most important part of biomolecule extraction kits in the country

Ronash Pars Technology has succeeded in producing magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles with a silica shell. These nanoparticles are a key element in the production of biomolecule extraction kits such as DNA, RNA, and proteins using magnetic bead technology.

Amin Shiralizadeh Dezfuli, CEO of Ronash Technology Pars Company, says: “The idea of ​​producing of nanoparticles dates back to pre-Corona. Based on the 10-year experience I have in production of magnetic nano beads, magnetic nano bead kits were required for the extraction of biomolecules in the country. However, with the Coronavirus outbreak and increasing demand for biomolecule extraction kits, we focused more on the synthesis of these nanoparticles and eventually succeeded in producing magnetic nanoparticles.” Dr. Shir Alizadeh Dezfuli also adds: “These particles have a very high extraction speed and a high efficiency. They are also ideal for extracting biomolecules due to their significant surface area. We have also developed other nanoparticles, and it is possible to produce nanoparticles corresponding to a specific biomolecule. This technology has provided the attachment of biomolecules to magnetic nanobeads, thereby producing higher efficiency, better quality, purity, and less contamination. “

Ronash Technology Company announced the development of biomolecule production kits in the company and said: “Some kits are also designed and produced for the production of DNA, RNA, and proteins which we are currently seeking the certain licenses to enter the market.” According to Shir Alizadeh Dezfuli, the magnetic nanoparticles produced in this company have the potential to be exported, and Ronash Pars Technology is currently consulting with a Canadian company to export these nanoparticles as well as extraction kits to this country. He also mentioned the very low price of these products compared to imported samples and added: “These nanoparticles are priced at one-tenth of European and American samples and in terms of performance are very competitive with imported products, so there are advantages for consumers outside of Iran.” It should be noted that Ronash Technology Pars Company has already had other products such as moisture absorbing hydrogel and graphene oxide suspension in its nanoproduct portfolio.  


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