DNA Extraction kit

When extracting/purifying DNA, it is critical to use an optimized method for your sample type. Our DNA extraction kits ensure high yields of high-quality DNA free of contaminants and inhibitors. It is works with nano magnetic beads technology’s.


As molecular biology techniques become more sensitive, it is increasingly important that a DNA extraction kit provides high-quality DNA. Techniques such as automated sequencing require high-purity DNA and minimal levels of contaminants, particularly inhibitory substances.

The key to an effective DNA extraction kit is the DNA-binding medium. The medium must strongly bind DNA on a large surface area to provide high yields. Isolating viral nucleic acid from blood or serum is the first step in detection and analysis for microbiology or virology research.

The procedure involves digestion of cellular proteins, subsequent removal of the proteins by “salting out” using standard sodium chloride, precipitation of the DNA with ethanol and resuspension in the buffer of choice. The number of samples that may be processed simultaneously using this technique is limited only by the centrifuge space available.


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